Why Invest in the Social Stock Market?

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What if Social Capital could be evaluated, purchased, and leveraged? “Influencer Marketing” is a hot topic today, but networking (leveraging trust and influence) has been around since tribal chiefs negotiated around campfires. One of the best kept “secrets” among social networks is Empire.Kred¬†.

Connect with “Connectors.”

The social network “Empire Avenue” was recently purchased by the Klout competitor Kred. The “Empire” is not only a social network like Linkedin, but it also includes a “stock market” for social capital. The value of a member’s shares is largely determined by influence on other social media, as well as engagement with others.

The typical member of Empire.Kred is very well connected and influential. in the real world as well as in other social networks. Therefore, by developing relationships with these “Connectors” you can leverage their influence to promote your own brand.

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