Giving Thanks for Friends Family and Love

Thanksgiving with Family

Thanksgiving for Family  *

Interdependent Relationships

Relationships have values which are often greater than material possessions. Love, of course, is “the greatest of these” few things which endure. I hope we all remember how precious Love is, per se, aside from any practical fringe benefits. But I also want to point out the motivational power and the synergistic leverage of interdependent relationships.

I’m so Glad I Did…or I Wish I had…

People know HOW to do MANY MORE things than they actually do, including things we could do for each other. WHY we do things is based on motivation, and heartfelt emotion is among the strongest of motivating forces.

To paraphrase an old Coke commercial, “things go better with friends and family!” Holidays like Thanksgiving (in the USA) remind us of the enjoyment of togetherness and also the synergy of cooperative events.

Happiness is…

We made a BRIEF video of our Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family, including a friend who shares our home until he can get one of his own again. We also enjoyed the company of a loving friend with Cerebral Palsy who inspires us with her positive attitude and reminds us to be thankful for things we take for granted.

Watch COOL (brief) VIDEO:

.*  credit due to:  for the photo above in this blog  post

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