How to Get in Circles on Google Plus

Personal Branding and Google + Circles

Personal branding may be even more important on the internet than it is offline.  Circles on Google Plus (or Google+), along with SEO and social media profiles, are replacing the old school Rolodex in the internet age.  It was always true that people did business with those they knew, liked and trusted. Actually, we are all branding all of the time. It has always been less about what you know than who you know, but in the age of the internet, it is who knows you and what is known about you that counts.

David Avrin wrote a book entitled, It’s Not Who You know — It’s Who Knows You! : the Small Business Guide to Raising Your Profits by Raising Your Profile. In his book he says, “Your brand resides in the minds of your customers… Your brand is the images, thoughts, recollections, and emotions that come to people’s mind when they hear your name…Your brand is what your customers think, remember, and feel about your business and doing business with you…”

It’s Not Who You Circle; It’s Who Circles You

Chris Brogan wrote a post on his blog called , “It’s Not Who You Circle; It’s Who Circles You.” Here is an excerpt from that post listing some ways to get circled:


Some Ways to Get Circled By People You Follow                                      Circle of Journalists

  • Comment with meaningful and useful information or ideas. Someone shared a link to a related video to one that I had posted, and I found it useful, so I circled them back.
  • Share and add commentary to posts of that person, explaining why you find it interesting. Everyone loves a little boost of promotion.
  • Comment with relevant links to your own work, if it makes sense.
  • Have a well filled-out profile. The better your profile, the more likely someone is to want to connect with you.
  • Post interesting things worth seeing, should this person decide to look at what you’ve shared publicly.
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