Are “Friends” or “Followers” Really Listening?

When I think of listening, I think of lyrics from some of my favorite songs: “Slow down, you move too fast,” “People talking without listening,” “You needed me,” “We all need somebody to lean on,” “I need somebody to love,” “People who need people are the happiest people,”  “Make just one someone happy, and you’ll be happy, too.”

Recently I read a disturbing article on search engine optimization, which was obviously written by a freelance outsourcer whose first language was not American English. 😉 The writer emphasized speed reading or skimming the maximum number of blogs as fast as possible in order to comment as rapidly as possible to seek the maximum number of back-links, etc. There was no doubt that the writer believed quantity was more important than quality.

I’m not sure about SEO, but when relationships are the goal, I believe that we need to slow down and invest more attention. Remember the Facebook motto, “Changing the world — one Friend at a time!”

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