Belonging in Social Media Groups

“Belonging” is one of the more basic needs in Mazlow’s Hierarchy of human needs, where it comes just above health and safety. Fulfillment of the need for belonging can be satisfied by social media groups and online tribes, such as “the Unified Tribe.” ┬áPeople are basically social beings!

Of course, membership in groups and tribes can also fulfill other needs, like achievement, self-esteem and confidence. Synergy is a powerful phenomenon. Often, one plus one equals three or more! Interaction causes the whole to become more than the sum of it’s parts.

Indeed, some things are only possible when a large number of people participate. The Internet is a prime example. Main stream media, like television and radio could not afford to produce broadcasts without a large audience. Even telephones and fax machines would be of little use unless a lot of people joined the user group.

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