Social Relationships are Based on Emotion

Emotional Decisions

Relationships are always between human beings, and humans have always been emotional creatures. We make decisions emotionally and then justify them rationally. Whatever the media or communication channels, we, the people, are attracted to those we know, like and trust. Online or offline, we don’t care how much you know — until we know how much you care.

If you are in sales or in network marketing, the most important ingredient in your success formula is true belief in what you are selling. Enthusiasm sells! How your prospects FEEL about how you FEEL is what makes the critical difference in sales. People are born with a built-in lie detector, and they can sense whether or not you are sincere in your belief.

If you want to be successful in sales or network marketing, the most important thing you can do is to enhance your own belief by plugging in to events, conference calls, meetings, and webinars. The word enthusiasm ends with iasm= I am sold myself. If you cannot get truly excited about what you are selling, you might as well quit.

The most effective tool for building your business is event promotion. We used to say the key to success was to get “butts in the seats.” Nowadays, the seats may be virtual (as in webinars), but plugging in, and getting others plugged in, is still the key to the emotional people business of network marketing.

Ursula Amon wrote a valuable post called, “Are You Plugged IN?,” on her blog. ¬†She covered the various ways to plug in very well. Plugging in is connecting to the flow of energy, like electricity, as well as information.

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