Are You Wasting Your Time Making Contacts?

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Is it possible to have too many contacts? Maybe so!

I find myself spending a LOT of time adding “friends,” “followers,” and “connections,” and I am proud of the number I have. I assume that there is potential for value from contacts. Maybe they are assets?

The problem is that our time and resources are limited, and the real value question is, “Compared to what?”

In a previous post on my Social Media for Business blog,  I wrote: 

Social media for business elicits the question of ROI. Business is conducted between people, and is therefore “social.” Don’t ask, “Yes or No?” Ask, WHICH ? All decisions are relative. Every time we choose to do something, we choose, by default, NOT to do other things. Our time, money, energy, attention, and social capital, are limited… 


The time we spend on adding “connections” interferes with the time we could be investing in engagement with a select few human beings with whom we are building real relationships. I suppose that the size of our “list” matters if our strategy is to blast emails or ads (a “numbers game”), but if we want real loyal fans who know, like, and trust us, we need to ENGAGE…

In another post on this blog ( ) I stated,

Relationships online are formed by engaging in conversations and interacting. Commenting on another person’s posts or status updates is just as important as posting your own content. Following up and responding to the comments of others gives them attention and recognition, which are important human needs.

Non-Verbal Communication

In another post on this blog,  I wrote:

People buy your “music” more than your words. Body language speaks volumes! Interpersonal perception and “chemistry” are mostly unconscious and based on subtle natural cues, like “eye contact,” tone and “warmth” of voice, a real handshake, …

These nonverbal factors present a big challenge for those of us who want to use social media to communicate. Not to mention the phenomenon of computers “talking” to each other with automated social media! The $64,000. question is, “How can we send and receive nonverbal messages in a verbal environment?”

Of course, what we really want to accomplish is effectiveness, as well as efficiency 

To make a friend, be a friend.  How about some “Comment Love”? :)
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