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Social Capital

When you need a friend, “social capital” beats all other investments. There is nothing so valuable as a true friend who “has your back” and is there for you in time of need. On the flip side, I love the meaning of the song, “You put me high upon a pedestal — so high that I could see eternity — you needed me….” It feels good to be important.

Family and real friends are the best kind of “securities.” Social media relationships can increase your social capital. I love making friends for a living as well as for fun, but there is also security in relationships.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing and online personal branding have been hot topics for several years.  The concept of “social capital” is much older.  There is no question about the fact that relationships have practical value beyond their intrinsic emotional satisfaction.

Some of my favorite songs:  “I get by — with a little help from my friends.”  “You just might have a problem that I’ll understand; we all need somebody to lean on…”

At every turning point or tipping point in my life, it was a relationship that made the biggest  positive difference.

Do it For Goodness Sake

In most cases the relationships were formed long before their practical benefit.  They were formed for other reasons —  like pure friendship or the happiness that comes from helping other people.  There was no expectation of future benefit to me.  Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive.

But time after time, as I needed a friend, the friend was there.  The importance of interdependence is proven by the survival of the following quotation from the 3rd century B.C, which is still quoted (24 centuries later) about a million times per year:  “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

I have come to realize that during my long lifetime of so-called entrepreneurial  “independence” and “self-sufficiency,” interdependence was what REALLY counted.

It is wise to dig the well before you thirst. Invest in relationships proactively. Accumulate “social capital.” To make a friend, be a friend…

Please comment and/or share this post.   It could be “the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” (Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca)  Do you agree that social capital is a good investment?

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