Interpersonal Communication and Relationship

Relationships are Built with Communication

Interpersonal communication is the fundamental basis of relationship, regardless of which channels we use to communicate. The internet has added several new channels of communication to the toolbox. These new media work well when combined with the telephone — and preferably face-to-face encounters, as well.

The “Togetherness Blog” expresses my thoughts on the subject well:

The essential function of communication is to build constructive relationships between persons. In other words, communication has become the most powerful tool to build any relationship between persons. Through communication we can know others and we can become known by others. Communicating translates into disclosing our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and wants to others so that our existence is known to others.

Communication is Mostly Non-Verbal, i.e., NOT in Words

Non-Verbal Communication accounts for about 93% of human communication, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, a Professor of Social Psychology at U.C.L.A.  The challenge for internet marketers and social media marketers has been how to include nonverbal communication in online content.

Free Video Conferencing to the Rescue

When I want to totally communicate or to build trust with an internet contact, I use free video conferencing from Google Plus.  It is like Skype on steroids. Up to 10 people video-conferencing on their webcams from up to 10 locations and all seeing each other. Live broadcast to unlimited audience or record and replay. Screen sharing and white boarding, etc.

Humans Crave Recognition and Attention

Humans crave recognition and attention, and sharing these precious things fosters a relationship. Listening attentively is one of the most effective ways to win friends. Over time we make a series of deposits (or withdrawals) in relation to emotional bank accounts.

As in banking, quantity is as important as quality here. Merely “touching base” and letting someone know that you are thinking of them makes a positive deposit. I find myself putting off communication until I can “do it right.” This is a mistake. It is better to communicate imperfectly and frequently than to communicate perfectly and infrequently.

In an article about Leadership Communication, Lloyd Elder, Th.D., says, “Active listening, a vital part of interpersonal communication, means to listen with your heart, as a whole person.” Credit for the graphic in this post is due to Doctor Elder’s article.

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