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Begin with the end in mind. As a leadership consultant I have always asked “WHY” before “WHAT.”  Intention helps focus efforts in the direction of desired results. Craig Galati wrote about social media strategy in the Las Vegas Sun:

Social media is important, but it must fit into a marketing strategy. Social media is a marketing plan implementation tool and is not, itself,  a marketing strategy. In other words, social media can help you implement your strategy but it is not the strategy. I say this because there was so much buzz around the conference regarding Twitter and since I have returned I have been followed by an additional 25 people. I’m not convinced that many of them have thought much about the reasons they are using social media and how it fits into their marketing strategy.

Social media can help one build relationships. I don’t think anyone will argue that relationships are important to your overall business marketing strategy. Social networking can help build and further your relationships and relationships with your firm. I am connected to several friends and colleagues, many of whom I rarely see, through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. One of the most amazing things is that when I do run into these friends and colleagues, or we get together, we are up to speed on what’s been happening in each other’s lives and our conversations have a great starting point.

Content is key. If you have been on Twitter for even a short time, I’m sure you have been bombarded with tweets telling you how to increase your followers. I’ve got a sure fire way too: write something compelling and worth reading. If you are using social media to build relationships, then content is key.

One of my favorite new tech tools is Google Hangout, which allows you to VIDEO CONFERENCE FOR FREE with up to 10 people in different locations live and also recorded to be viewed ( live or on replay ) by an unlimited number of viewers!

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