Real Moments

“Time is of the essence,” “Time is money,” “Time is life!” Each year we have over half a million minutes — about 50 million in a lifetime, but not all moments are equal. In fact most of the minutes in our lives are wasted! Pareto’s Law, the Law of the Vital Few and the Trivial Many, applies to the way we squander our time on this earth. The encouraging implication of Pareto’s Law is that we can compress more of the essential stuff of life into whatever time we have left — if we concentrate on the vital few!

As we remember our many years, it is only a few precious peak experiences that we treasure. Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D., calls these “Real Moments” in her book by that title. As I consider the real moments in my life, I realize that most of them involved sharing an experience with a friend, or sharing love. This is why I want to focus my attention on building relationships, whether online or offline. Social media are power tools to facilitate┬ácommunication — if we learn how to use them effectively.

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