Social Media Relationships Revolutionize Advertising

Traditionally advertising has been pushed to consumers. In contrast, social media have given control to consumersHank Wasiak, in an article on, pointed out:

Marketing has traditionally focused on the four “Ps”: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Social media has morphed into the fifth, and possibly most important “P”: People. A people strategy is at the center of today’s dynamic and fluid social marketing mix. John Janitsch of Duct Tape Marketing has another take on the four Ps, and has turned them into four Cs for the social age: Content, Context, Connection and Community.

A people strategy is much broader, deeper and more profound than consumer targeting. It involves listening to and engaging with everyone who can touch or influence current and potential customers at all stages of brand interaction.

Agency owner Hugo Guzman discovered that C-level executives are only beginning to grasp the implications of social media for marketing purposes. The following is an excerpt from his enlightening post, C-level Conversation Reveals that Social Media Marketing is Truly in its Infancy Stage:

When I explained that my agency’s approach was focused primarily on making human connections with key influencers in his brand’s niche (key bloggers, Twitter users, forum admins, etc) and to then leverage those connections to establish rapport and long-term relationships with these influencers, so that they could in turn share the brand’s message with their networks, my C-level friend was truly flabbergasted. Apparently, this was the first time someone came to him with such a grass-roots approach, and he really dug it and understood it at an intuitive level.

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