7 Ways to Build Relationships on Facebook

Relationships come in many varieties: romantic relationships, strategic business alliances, customer relationships, family relationships, et al. I believe it is wise to begin with the end in mind. What are you looking for? Social media provide efficient tools to communicate, and all relationships thrive on communication.

What do you think are the best ways to nurture relationships online? I am seriously looking for answers. This post is a work in progress. I expect to post on this blog the best methods of cultivating relationships on social media. For starters, let’s begin with:

1) Read their profile before inviting someone to be your “friend” on Facebook, and include a personal message in your invitation,

2) Reply to messages and comments to keep the conversation going — on Facebook and Twitter,

3) “Listen” to what the other person is saying on Facebook and Twitter, and respond to their thoughts and their photos,

4) Read and comment on each other’s blogs and link to their posts,

5) Join the conversation in forums, and single out those you resonate with,

6) Answer questions and offer help, and give your contact information, and

7) Take it offline…

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