True Friends Help Each Other

Friendship in real life is a never ending circle of love and mutual support. Friends want to help each other without keeping score. They just care and want to help. Reciprocity comes naturally and without obligation. When I think of all the many things that friends have done for me and that I have done for friends, I wonder what we can do for each other online… Surely there are things we can do for each other online, but consider some of the examples of offline friendship in action: (abreviated here, but very important at the time)

1) helping hands when moving — I’ve helped and been helped on numerous occasions

2) transportation to and from airports, and staying overnight in home

3) coming to rescue when out of gas or battery dead or car breakdown

4) tech support for computer and internet challenges

5) loan of money on short notice of emergency need

6) ride to the emergency room and accompany all day in waiting room

7) Audio/Video assistance for meetings and meetups

8) videography and editing for a friend’s website

9) allowing a homeless friend to live for awhile in our home

10) visiting in the hospital and bringing clothes and books, etc.

I am trying to learn how we can be there for each other online, because being there for each other is an integral part of real friendship and real relationships.

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