Social Media and Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Personality


Attractive personality characteristics, like charm and charisma, normally radiate naturally from the authentic heart of a person. Although charm and charisma are powerful leadership qualities, attempting to display them deliberately is risky. Appearing phony or self-conscious would be counter-productive for a wannabe leader. Sincerity is just as powerful and attractive as charisma.  

According to the the dating and relationship blog,,

“love is not difficult to find…attract love like a magnet…every one of us is a walking magnet and our thoughts, words, actions and feelings (”vibrations”) attract to us those people, things and situations that are a match to our vibrations, whether wanted or unwanted.”

Becoming an inspiring leader is more about being than doing. If one wishes to acquire charisma, I suggest beginning by working on empathy and self-esteem. These topics are worthy of further consideration at another time.


Non-Verbal Communication

Online venues, like social media, for expressing our personalities or for “being” charismatic are limited by the verbal nature of the medium. See my post below on “Non-Verbal Communication.” However, let’s not give up too easily. Let’s look for opportunities to be “charming” online.

Videos and audio podcasts obviously add more non-verbal communication, but even our “behavior” in verbal interactions can convey our “heart.”


FREE Video Conferencing with Google Hangouts


Google has recently introduced a wonderful free service called Google Hangout.  You can use your webcam to video conference with up to 10 people in up to 10 different locations!  You can even broadcast your conference live to an unlimited audience (like owning your own TV Channel) and record it for future replay.   Any of the 10 can share their computer screens and/or draw on a virtual whiteboard.  For more information and training tutorial videos, go to: 

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