Relationships are Better Than Money

If you had unlimited wealth, wouldn’t you like to share some? The good news is that you DO have a virtual fortune in gems that are better than money!

Pay attention! Here is the secret of successful leadership…pay attention!

Rather invest attention. Attention and recognition are better than money. Psychologists believe that attention and recognition are primary needs, like food and water. Understanding this secret can be the key to your success as a leader. Knowing this secret helped Mary Kay build a billion dollar empire. She said, “There are two things that people want even more than sex and money: recognition and praise.”

Sincere praise costs the giver very little, but it is precious to the receiver. What a fantastic  bargain! For maximum return on investment (ROI), invest attention.

That which gets rewarded gets repeated! Attention, approval, and recognition are powerful rewards. In addition to reinforcing good behavior, these rewards have the added benefit of increasing the self-esteem of both the giver and the receiver ¬†— producing long term personality benefits. They also help to bond relationships!

Do you remember occasions when you were given recognition or praise? Out of all the millions of hours in a lifetime, a small number of special real moments stand out in our memory. We feel good every time we think about them. Someone said, “It is not the number of breaths you take that counts; it’s the number of moments that take your breath away!”

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