Social Media May Help Save Abandoned Treaasure

“Social Treasure” is too often taken for granted and neglected.  Unfortunately, we often let precious relationships die on the vine, while we are distracted by mundane trivia or focused on seeking more new contacts. As a man, I was never a Girl Scout or a Campfire Girl 🙂  However, I heard that they had a wise saying: “Make new friends, but keep the old; the first are silver, the second — gold!”

The “land of the free” is also the home of the mobile. We often move and leave friends and business contacts behind — out of sight, out of mind. What a waste of invested deposits in “emotional bank accounts.” What a sad loss of valuable social capital! It takes a long time to make an old friend! It is so special to be able to say, “we go waaaay back!”

I hope that new web tools and social networking services will help us keep in touch with old friends. However, as with any tools, it is up to the human operator to use them effectively.

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